The Weavers

Karim Maarek

Karim Maarek has been a facilitator of change and transformation for the past decade. He has maintained a broad focus in the firm belief that each societal shift starts within an individual’s transformation. That’s why he designs and implements both personal leadership programs as well as comprehensive transition and innovation programs for small and large organizations. He has a background in executive education, community organizing and public policy and a passion for bottom up organizing and movement building. Karim holds a bachelors degree in communications and is an alumnus of the THNK School of Creative Leadership.

Rebekka van Roemburg

Driven by a desire for fairness, Rebekka van Roemburg has worked in international development cooperation in the areas of gender equality, education and sexual and reproductive health and rights, mostly in Africa and the Middle East. In 2017 she was instrumental in developing the SheDecides movement – a global movement working towards a world where women and girls can decide about their own bodies. She still supports organisations working in international development, but is increasingly applying her skills closer to home, hoping to contribute to the transition to a fairer and more sustainable world. Rebekka holds a master’s degree in human geography and is an alumna of THNK

Marta Szulc

Marta is a charismatic leader, strong in development and implementation of global social impact strategies (programs). She has experience in mobilizing communities, stakeholders and organisations, building partnerships, driving the change and creating shared value. She was working with and in a number of patient organisations, creating collaborative platforms with pharmaceutical companies, experts and government authorities. She has experience in interacting with different functions across the company, and with multiple countries and cultures, in order to move the sustainability and social responsibility agenda forward. She is successful in transforming the organisations and creating thought leadership platforms. In designing interventions she uses systemic design, including methods and tools from systems thinking and design thinking. After she built her career in healthcare communications in Poland, in July 2016 she moved with her family to the Netherlands, where she currently lives, to work in the global HQ of Nutricia (Danone).

Nadine Kersten

Nadine started her career in the financial sector, working with some of Europe’s largest wealth managers. Now she’s taking some time to discover her needs and how she can contribute to the world. She describes herself as a dualistic person, practical and spiritual in the same body and mind. She sees a new paradigm that she wants to embrace, to help the world transition from surviving to living and thriving.

Samir Khan

Samir is a citizen of the world having lived on 3 continents, 5 countries, 7 cities and counting. He has an honor’s degree in philosophy from the Amsterdam University College which informs his coaching, facilitation and thinking. Samir has experience is facilitating workshops on personal development, coaching and in setting up online businesses. His main interests lie in philosophy, personal growth, technology and well-being. Samir joined WEAVE because he believes we can truly create an abundant and joyful planet if we all work together.


After specialising in business law, this young Frenchman joins the Netherlands and the University of Amsterdam to follow a Master’s degree in International Trade and Investment Law. After several experiences in traditional legal entities, Mathis wishes to open his horizon and put this legal knowledge at the service of a more innovative form of collaboration. Trained in public speaking and interested in personal development, he hopes to reconcile this business background with societal transition and a fairer form of economic relations.