Weaving the Strands

Samir Khan

3rd of May, 2020

Every individual on planet earth brings with them a unique and valuable perspective on the world. 

Armed with unique experiences, insights and distinctions every person on earth is shaped by the inputs of their environment and their interpretation of those inputs which they weave together to form the tapestry of the being that they are. 

Every person that you look at, every person that you talk to, every person that you work with is a direct manifestation of the complexity and deep intelligence of life’s mysterious forces at work. Billions of years of evolution have created the world and people that surround you in this very moment. How incredible is that? 

Though we often forget, it is important to remind ourselves of the uniqueness and value that every person on earth brings with them into the world. I believe it is our duty to explore that both within ourselves as well as the people around us so we can build upon each other’s gifts to shape a better world with eachother.

I would like to invite you to imagine a world in which the uniqueness and value of every human being is deeply appreciated and included in shaping the world of tomorrow. A world in which the diversity of perspectives are embraced for their contribution to new, more inclusive and innovative ideas for shaping a truly just, equitable and sustainable society. 

Our vision and goal at WEAVE is to bring together the unique strands of people to collectively weave the tapestry of a better future. A future that addresses the holistic well-being of human beings as well as the planet(s) that we live on. 

While we don’t exactly know what that world will look like – we dare to believe it’s possible.

It is a world we can create if we come together like never before.